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References and Further Reading

Working With The Tough Inner Critic Guide

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Videos/ Training

NICABM (2013) "Transforming the Brain Through Good Experiences  A Webinar Session" with Ruth Buczynski, PhD and Rick Hanson, PhD, National Institute the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine NICABM series on 'current brain research', 2013).

NICABM (2019) How to Work with a Client's Perfectionism

NICABM (2021) How to Work With Clients Who Struggle with an Inner Critic

NICABM, How to Target the Limbic system to address Trauma's Physiological Imprint, Bonus video 3, date unknown.

Kate Williams Training 07-March-2022 Work with the Inner Critic & Depression with Creative & Embodiment Practices Online Events.


Cooper (2019),him%2C%20he%20will%20always%20win.

CNIP Client Feedback Form-

Powell, T.; 2019, Feb 14: Quieting the Inner Critic in Complex PTSD,

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Please see separate section on further reading on self-compassion.

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