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This resource is my MSc project, based on working with a client’s tough inner critic in pluralistic counselling.  I draw on published research and theories to find effective ways of working with the tough inner critic through a pluralistic lens.  This website is a resource for Pluralistic Counsellors and Psychotherapists.  The website does not contain any primary research and is not a review. In this project I will initially discuss briefly what the Inner Critic is, although it is different for each individual person.  I touch on what Pluralistic Counselling involves, although this is not a guide to Pluralistic Counselling as a whole and further reading will be recommended. I propose a three-step programme, which is drawn from research and adapted to suit the pluralistic practitioner, whilst hopefully allowing for the individual creativity and collaboration that occurs organically between the Counsellor and Client, in the safety of the Pluralistic Counselling space.  Under each step, I propose some pluralistic methods, tasks and ways of working with a tough inner critic, drawn from external sources.  Finally, I include a few sections on individual client considerations when working with a tough inner critic.  I finish off with references and further reading options for the reader to develop further.

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